Noodles have become a fast and favourite food for most Nigerians both young and old. Almost everyone is guilty of eating raw noodles before preparing it or even eating a whole packet of noodles, Funnily i my self did it. This habit has a bad effect on your health if you don’t refrain from it. Taking it consistently affects your health gradually. This habit is usually common in kids. Parents should try as much as possible to stop their children eating raw noodles. A lot of people are not aware of the side effects of consuming noodles in its raw form. There are alternative ways to enjoy your noodles. By cooking and garnishing it with various ingredients, you will enjoy it more. People do not know that cooking the noodles kills certain bacteria that exist due to preservatives used during production. This article will expose you to the side effects and dangers of eating raw noodles. 
It causes digestive problem Consuming raw noodles makes it hard for your digestive system to break down the food into pieces for proper digestion. Just so you know, indigestion can make you feel uncomfortable, especially when your system is finding it hard to process food adequately. This might result in pain, especially when your colon can’t pass out the processed wastage. Eating raw noodles might cause an inability to pass excretion properly. 
It causes inflammation Do you know eating raw noodles can cause a wound on your intestinal walls? Yes, it can. Consuming raw noodles is so harmful for your intestines. The seasoning and preservatives that are found in the noodles bore holes in your intestinal walls. This is usually not a good experience for your bowels. Having internal wounds can be such a bitter experience which will affect your health. it causes cancer As stated above, cooking the noodles kills every toxic ingredient that could be harmful to the body. Eating raw noodles makes you prone to the risk of cancer. This is because the preservatives in the packet aids the gradual growth of cancerous cells in your body.
 It can cause diabetes Raw noodles contain a high level of sugar which is not beneficial to the body when consumed in its raw form. Consuming it might lead to a spike in your blood sugar level. Cooking it reduces the sugar level and this is why it is not advisable that you keep munching on it in its raw form. It causes diabetes sooner or later. 
it causes heart disease Eating raw noodles is harmful to your heart health. Normally, the fat, salt and toxicity is likely to clog the flow of blood to your heart. This makes it prone to various heart diseases that could tamper with one’s heart. NAIJA NEWS EXTRA

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