Young Man Arrested for Killing Mother and Sister in Enugu

Young Man Arrested for Killing Mother and Sister in Enugu

DSP Daniel Ndukwe, Enugu State Police PRO

The Enugu State Police Command has officially confirmed the arrest of Somadina Orji, a young man accused of heinous crimes – the alleged murder of his mother, Mrs. Charity Orji, and sister, Miss Ukamaka Orji. The shocking incident unfolded on December 4, 2023, at their residence in Umuagu Inyi, Oji River Local Government area of Enugu State.

Somadina, hailing from Igboariam in Anambra State, reportedly had a turbulent relationship with his family, particularly his mother, who had been residing in her family house with her children, including Somadina, for several years. The suspect, described as involved in illicit drug activities, had ongoing conflicts with his mother over his behavior.

According to reports and a video documenting the tragic event, the root of the issues traces back weeks before the incident. Somadina had a dispute with his younger brother, and tensions escalated to the point where the mother sought intervention from community leaders, including Mr. Ben Obi. Ben explained that the mother had reported her son's aggressive behavior and desire to harm his younger brother.

Tragically, when the mother returned from a condolence visit, Somadina took a drastic step, killing and burying her in a shallow grave in their backyard. The younger sister had been missing for two weeks prior to this event.

The discovery unfolded when the younger brother, looking for his mother, raised an alarm. Upon interrogation by villagers, Somadina confessed to both murders. The police were then called, leading to the exhumation of the victims' remains, which were deposited at the mortuary.

Community leaders, including Ben Obi and coordinating president-general in Oji River, Mr. Ejike Tasie, emphasized the alarming prevalence of hard drugs in the community. They attributed the incident, in part, to the absence of effective governance structures to curb drug abuse. Urgent appeals were made to the government for intervention to prevent such tragedies in the future.

DSP Daniel Ndukwe, the spokesperson for the Enugu State Police Command, confirmed the arrest of Somadina and assured ongoing investigations. Once concluded, the suspect will face prosecution in court. The community leaders also called on the anti-drug agency in Oji River to collaborate in addressing the escalating issue of drug abuse in their communities.

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